November 2nd, 2007


Sometimes it's not about money...

That’s what I realized today. I have this nice professor at university – his lectures are messy but he’s really considerate and helpful. So, some weeks ago he asked me whether I could help him with his presentations and this whole thing developed into a nice companionship of me setting up his technical equipment, getting the TV and stuff. He’s 66 years old by now and has never used a Mac (or a video projector for that matter) before, so you can tell how impressed he is ;)

Today when I was about being finished positioning all the stuff, he came in and stared at me in disbelief:
“You know what time it is? You’re early, it’s still half an hour to go.”

“Yeah, I know. But you know, I wanted to make sure that everything works alright. You just need to plug in your stick and it should be fine.”

And a slow smile crossed his face when he said:
“I can’t believe this…”

And with this he went away to get prepared for the lecture, leaving me with the great feeling of doing something useful just for the sake of it.

So, it was then when I realized – sometimes work is not about money (because we have a silent agreement that I’m not to be paid for that), sometimes it’s just about being needed.