March 10th, 2008

general: book store - shiny!

Finally finished...

... the book I’ve been reading for several months now ;) And I have no idea why it took me so long to get into the story because during the last couple of days I rushed through the story. Seems I'm not really adequate for the 50 books challenge ;)
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I’m kinda sad that I’m finished. But I just ordered a huuuge package of new books from amazon (Yay for gift certificates) – and besides new books from Marian Keyes, there is one book called Touchwood that I’m dying to read.
You can see, I'm on a flow at the moment :D
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Oh my freakin' God...

Of course, I need to wait for the official letter but... OMG!!!

No matter how much today sucked, this has been the best day in the previous months (well, almost ;) There is one event compared to which even this admission pales a bit... but just a bit). I am so incredibly happy! And, to quote someone very dear: "I'm afraid I'll wake up and find that most of today's been just a dream." :)
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