March 24th, 2008


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I don’t know whether this is actually something Americans do but I’ve been watching a lot of Friends lately (yeah, I know, *this* is something Americans do) and there was this Thanksgiving ep (7-08 – TOW Chandler doesn’t like dogs*) in which they played a game of writing down all the states of the USA by heart.

Since I’m a chronically bored nerd I thought it would be fun to play it with my friend and, well, so we did (because, as sad as this is going to sound, I got nothing better to do on Easter Sunday)

After 10 minutes and me having 32 states, I gave up and we looked it up at Wikipedia.
And the result was a bit surprising: In my USA, there is no Colorado (as in: I had no idea that this was actually a state) or West Virginia (I heard it mentioned in a show and thought it was just a stupid joke that there is Virginia *and* West Virginia). Oh, and Dallas is a state, too – in case you didn’t know that ;)
While feeling not so bad about forgetting Rhode Island, I have no idea how I could miss Florida.

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The only thing that comforted me a bit is that on my friend’s list Ontario was among the 13 states that came to his mind... ;)

*This ep is really a gem:
I would have loved to upload a longer clip (especially Ross giving up at the end) but for some reasons all my usual programms refuse to work properly.
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