August 12th, 2008


Pics from the Netherlands

Yeah, creative title, right?

Anyhow, here you find most of the pics of my awesome trip to and with judosas who proved herself as a really great guide! Else I would certainly not remember all these places, let alone how to pronounce them ;)

Although it took me an entire evening to edit, upload and comment on the pics, I had a nice time reminiscing about the cool days I had.
And I realized that my memory already starts to betray me on some things, so I better make sure to have a look at these pics a lot - or yet, don't wait too long with the next trip ;)

I added some silly remarks to most of the pictures - don't mind me, sometimes I think of myself as really funny ;)

I better not start to think about that there are more pics to post, for example of last Saturday... hopefully I'll manage to squeeze that in between all the stuff that's up this week :P

ETA: Okay, seriously, with two (and therefore probably some more) cards having arrived in (admittedly rather large) cities across the ocean - within, get this, 4 days even -, I'm actually surprised that the German ones haven't found their way yet. Weiiiiird...
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"Québec is revolting and it makes me mad" *

I drove to Berlin because the people in the Canadian Embassy refuse to pick up the phone or answer mails. Not that this was helpful at all...
I hate that both institutions keep blaming each other for losing my files. Yeah, you heard right, I was indeed issued both halves of my visa but it got lost in the mail... again! I mean, how hard can it be to exchange some simple numbers? *sighs*

So, tonight there'll be another call to Montréal - I'm really getting tired of those :(

Who would've thought that the most satisfying part of this short trip to our capital was a visit to the local Build-A-Bear workshop ;)

* actually, there was another quite fitting line in this song... I just didn't want to mark this entry NC-17 for strong language :P

ETA: I hate my life! Berlin again tomorrow... probably to get told that unfortunately they can't issue my visa because some nutbars weren't able to copy a family name from an application document...
For now I'm just going to hide under a rock because this is so not fair!
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