November 12th, 2008


The gems you find in a scientific journal...

"A traveling salesman found himself spending the
night at home with his wife when one of his trips
was accidentally cancelled. The two of them were
sound asleep, when in the middle of the night there
was a loud knock at the front door. The wife woke
up with a start and cried out, “Oh my God! It’s my
husband!” Whereupon the husband leapt out of bed,
ran across the room and jumped out the window."
Schank and Abelson, 1977.

This made me giggle soooo much ;)
(well, that and the bad combination of lack of sleep and lack of coffee... I'm just totally silly right now :P)

Also, I <3 whoever started this hype - I've become soooo addicted to classical music!