November 30th, 2008


Stupid Perm account question

This entry is was custom f-locked (surprising, eh?) - so, please, don't read and tell ;)

Since LJ isn't answering me, I thought I should ask my f-list.
Let's say, you wanna buy a gift for someone on LJ - I guess, in this case it might matter that it is a perm account because that problem wouldn't arise for a paid account.
So, yeah, you buy said account - they're sold a couple of weeks before Christmas but in your mind it's supposed to be a Christmas gift ('cause, well, I'm a bit nutso when it comes to Christmas, in case you hadn't noticed ;)).
So, you can tell LJ when to "deliver" it - neat option, so I can say "Hey, please send the notification e-mail on the 25th"
But what happens if, in the meantime, that person wants to upgrade their account on their own? Would LJ tell them that someone already paid for it? How would that work?!?

You see - I'm clueless. And there aren't too many perm friends on my f-list. But maybe you either have a good connection to LJ or you know people who know people who know that ;)