February 14th, 2009

batman: batsneeze

Memes and "So long"*

Tagged by htbthomas who knows me and my love for memes :)

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Other than that, I'll withdraw from LJ and from being online in general for about a week (well, next Wednesday ;)).
RL got the better of me and I'm trying to juggle a couple of personal issues with school and I cannot really handle the drama added by my virtual life (I'll elaborate later, I guess, it's mostly facebook).
Feel free to nudge me when I'm on MSN - being logged on these days actually means that I'd like to talk to someone. I can't wait until exams are over and I can indulge in doing nothing but writing papers and programming websites for a whole week - woohoo ;)

*I was gonna add: "... and thanks for all the fish" but that would suck considering... well... let's just say that I should know better than trying to have pets (yeah, go ahead and laugh about me - I'm sure I'll do the same in a couple of weeks ;))