July 18th, 2009

general: Yay! yellow balloon

And I feel like I'm living the best week over and over again*

*Title slightly changed from Simple Plan's "Worst Day Ever" ;)

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In other news (no worries, shorter this time):
  • I finally sent in my CAQ application... but this time I need to wait for them to actually issue it in order to apply for my Study Permit *sighs*
  • I booked my flight to Germany – 2 weeks in August. I went for Air France because I get lots and lots of miles and they let me bring 2 * 23 kg luggage for freeeee!
  • I’m still taking 2 classes and I can tell everyone even considering it: Gah, it’s hell! But it’s also quickly earned credits. ;) And if I want to graduate next spring, it’s definitely worth it :)

That's it so far, guys - I'm still very sorry that I wasn't around more often lately. But I'm pretty sure you can tell that it was worth it - sometimes RL really rocks! <3
*hugs* to all
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