September 5th, 2009

snoopy: woodstock "Dear LJ"

Baaaaack... I hope ;)

It feels like ages that I’ve posted here for the last time. I “stopped” in mid-July which was, to be honest, a conscious and deliberate decision. My life became overwhelmed with school, so that I felt like I had to stop my social life, which not only includes real life friends (most of whom were on vacation anyway) but unfortunately also my cyber life, mainly consisting of LJ and IMs. Although school has started again, I’m trying to get back into this world although it is harder than I anticipated. My Friends page shortcut button is still something I seem to avoid which makes me sad. I feel disconnected from LJ, my friends and my favorite fandom. I guess it’s gonna take some time to get back into things – I’m just happy about anyone who didn’t delete me from their Friends list. I would not have been able to see any Friends cut notification, so: Thank you!

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This is all I could think of so far. There were some funny incidents in the last couple of weeks that I felt like sharing but I guess I’ll wait until I have caught up on things here.

*hugs* to f-list.