December 20th, 2009

christmas/winter: snoopy

Christmas-induced Hibernation...

With the my final grades for this year having come in (for the first time I cried out of happiness about my transcript ;)), now seems to be a good time to go to sleep for a few weeks. This was planned, has practical as well as personal reasons and I totally intend to be back once school starts again, i.e. early January. Knowing myself, I might be lurking around but if you see me here, please kick my ass to go offline again. ;)
If you (or someone else for that matter) post something (fic, drawings, memes, etc.) that you think I should see, just leave me a note - I'll try to catch up on my f-list anyway but... you know how these things go. ;)

And I hope to be back with a couple of new vids - I've been having very specific ideas for months now and I should have a lot of time on my hands over the holidays.

I wish all of you wonderful days and (should we not speak to each other before) and happy new year!

*hugs* all around