February 20th, 2010

general: fly away

Missing in Action

So, I have to be up again in 4 hours and I can't sleep. Go figure. (Probably also because 4 am is my normal going-to-bed time...)

In any case, I'm off to Singapore for a week. With the way things have gone, this trip will be less "Hey, let's see if I can imagine a future here." but more "Omg, sunshine and a plus sign on the thermometer..." but I don't mind some relaxing by the pool. Although, of course, most of my carry-on baggage is stuffed with textbooks. After all, 24 hour travel time (layovers in Chicago, Tokyo and Hong Kong) wanna be spent sommmehow. (Memo to self: Load fanfiction onto PDA)

Anyhow, I'll be back in a bit over a week but I doubt you'll realize I'm gone. I have internets and I have time to be online - so it'll be like here, just on the other side of the world. ;)

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