March 12th, 2010

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Participants needed for study - could I steal 10 minutes of your time?

Hey f-list!

Most of you know that I’m doing a minor in Linguistics. For this term I’m doing a project on... well, I wish I could tell you but that would ruin the purpose of my study. But I'll tell you later in case you're interested.

However, I would very much appreciate (and give you lots of cookies) if you could help me and go to the link below. The questionnaire should take only about 10 minutes and, well, you would help me a lot. :)


I could use anybody’s answers, the only exclusion criterion would be if you have knowledge about linguistics that goes beyond an introductory level.
If English is not your first language or you’re bilingual, that’s totally fine. If you can read this post, you’re good to go.

Thank you so much!

PS: If you’re worried about your privacy, you can just give me your nick- or some other fake name where it asks for your name.
PPS: And yes, I'm aware of the poor formatting... I had too much fun writing the silly stories to bother with pretty fonts or funky web design ;)