June 14th, 2010

general: fly away


So, I've made my peace with my inability to post in a coherent order. ;)

On my flight from New York (of which there are no pics because, really, after 5 times or so in 2 years there is just nothing fascinating about the Big Apple anymore -- I'm looking forward to going back in 5 years or so to see what has changed) to Singapore, I had two layovers. So I spent a couple of hours in Alaska (where I bought the absolute best fastfood ever. If you know me and my love for fish and for beef jerky, you can imagine the heaven I was in), and then 10 hours in... Taipei, Taiwan.

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As for my further travels, this is the itinerary so far:
June 20: Cambodia
June 25: Bangkok, Thailand
June 29: Burma/Myanmar
July 15: Bangkok
July 16: Southern Thailand
July 20: Malaysia
July 24: Singapore
July 27: Germany

I must say that I feel very iffy about not having booked any hostels but apparently just showing up and ask for a bed is the way to do it in South East Asia. And, you know, when in Rome...
I'm looking forward to go see all these places, although people keep warning me of the utter poverty I will be faced with on a daily basis and the stares Caucasians get in the hinterlands. And malaria, of course... yikes.
My very own concern is my very sensitive stomach which already reacts unhappy to Singaporean food. Really, I love all kinds of Asian food, especially Thai and Chinese, my Western body does not agree with the massive intake of noodles, fish sauce and meat.

So, yup, this is it. I would have more things to say. You know, besides pictures. For some reason, whenever I'm doing other stuff, like waiting at the bus stop, swimming or walking to school, I have these great ideas for blog entries, videos or fic. Like today, when I mused over the narrowmindedness of the LGBT community and... well, maybe I'll bother you sometime later with my thoughts. ;)</div>