March 21st, 2011

coffee: too much monday

You can tell it's a slow day at work...

 ... when 75% of conversation you have all day revolve around the question if you cut your hair and how people like it. 
For the record, no, I didn't. No, I don't especially like it and I was just really bored and uninspired this morning.  However, almost everybody seems to disagree with me -- boo. I don't get told I look 'good' very often. I've heard 'cool' and 'funky' (and 'cute', in a different lifetime) but, yeah, 'good' is rare. So excuse me for giving into peer pressure from time to time. ;) Maybe it'll grow on me...

[Sorry, girly moment is over, you can move on now. ;)]

Other than that, yeah, slow day. The most interesting part of my day was "watching" my tired/sad/confused/meh mental but physically excellent state turn into stomach cramps but an otherwise happy-camper mood over the course of the day. I spent a good part of today working outside, thanks to an excellent wireless network and great laptop batteries. Spring has finally arrived here and I hope it'll stay for good!

And lest I leave you with a completely selfish post, Collapse )