June 9th, 2011

general: music tape heart

'Cause you're all I want...

... you're all I need,
you're everything, everything

I just booked my plane ticket to Birmingham to go and see Lifehouse. I've had the concert tickets for weeks but I've been hesitant to spend oodles of money on a 1-hour flight. Until now. I am... excited? Nervous? Confused? All of the above.
A "spontaneous" weekend trip to England sounds so much like something I'd do and yet... I don't know. I hope it'll be as much fun as I imagine it to be. Seeing my cousin and spending time with her cute little daughter will be great. Shopping in a real city will be exciting and expensive. 
Really, sometimes it's great to be employed and fancy-free, so that you can run away from your normal life for a bit. ;)

See you guys on Tuesday! 

(And for the record: Yes, I do find this a bit crazy. But this is me, I guess.)