January 20th, 2012

batman: speechless...

Can you colorize my world, I'm so sick of black and white.

I'm still here, really. How often have I said this in the past? How often have I then failed at producing a blog entry in a timely manner? Uh huh. Now, let's see... what could I tell you about?

- I got a spiffy new camera.
- I'm moving in 2 weeks, mixed feelings included.
- I could show you what's in my black hole of a backpack, apparently this is blog-worthy.
- I went to London. And Maastricht.
- I'm participating in a themed pictures-of-my-hometown project. (In German. And I have yet to actually take a pic. Go figure.)

So much fascinating stuff, right? Yeah, I thought so.
Maybe I should have gotten one of these "One picture a day" blogs, so that I don't feel lame about writing about things. I'm not good with words, ask my boss.

But yeah, I hope that tonight's baking will result in a picture-worthy entry. And maybe once I get into the habit of writing again, I can actually tell you fascinating tales about my life. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a wonderful video. I heart Meat Loaf and Patti Russo and this song and this version of this song (and very long sentences) and I don't care how predictable it makes me. ;)