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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Meme-ing my life...
Found at Das kleine Brüllen (which would be translated as "The small shout" which is even more ridiculous than it already is in German).
Rules: Answer the questions by googling. You have to take one of the pictures on the first page.

1) Age at your next birthday

2) Where do you wanna go sometime?

3) Your favorite Place

4) Your favorite object

5) Favorite food

6) Favorite animals

7) Favorite colour

8) Place of birth

9) City you live in

10) Name of a former pet

(my bunny)

11) Name of a former lover

*snickers* I promise, I didn't do that on purpose... well, I did pick the pic on purpose but not the guy's name ;)

12) Nickname of your best friend

sorry, I just can't stick to one person as I feel like living a triple life,... here you go, the best of all three worlds

damn, the third was hard... there were too many "obvious" not very original pictures with her actual nickname, many of them not PG13... one of them hanging on my wall *blushes* Go figure... ;)

13) Your nickname

Um... that's actually me... who would have thought...

14) first name

nope, not me... too bad

15) second name

which I don't have

16) Your last name

17) A bad habit of yours

18) Your first job

19) Name of your grandmother

20) Favorite subject in school

once more two cause I couldn't decide ;)
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