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Waiting for the strait jacket...

The time has come.
I knew it would but I never imagined it to be so soon.
I thought I could avert the inevitable (do these two words have the same root?).

I just decided to unplug me from internet to finally get some university work done.
Sad, I know.
I told myself to "finish" (or what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks) my presentation about "Forgetting" - I still dream of staying in front of the class, present an empty slide and say "Well, to give a good example..."

But the worst part is still to come:
Suddenly I came to realize that my university books were completely useless since I already read everything there is to read about my topic. So, I had to go back to google something or have a look at wikipedia. And a smile crept across my face.

And here I am again... not doing anything for university but telling you about my internet addiction - I NEED HELP!!!
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