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Some weeks ago I applied for a job. Well, "applied" as in "I left my cell phone number at this booth". Nothing big, you know, just selling candy and stuff at our local Christmas market - so, it's quite temporary but you can make a lot of money with it when you work in the evening and all weekend.
Anyway, I never heard of them... until today when I got a call from this guy.
He asked when I could start ("Today? What do you mean, you 'can't before 6'?") and whether I could work all the Advent weekends...

I had to say no because of personal and academic issues that came up recently.  It's mostly that I made other plans now, seminars and so on. And he got all pissed and, well, I couldn't hang up, I don't know why - I thought, it's really impolite to do so (what kind of freak am I, talking about politeness while being yelled at?).

So I ended up apologizing for caring too much about myself and university... this is ridiculous.

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