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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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If you wanna buy stocks...
... I can highly recommend the German parcel service these days - I feel like I've doubled their asset during the last month.

Sent my last pre-Christmas packages today...

That's for a friend from high school (not made by me, of course - but at least the pic is starring my wonderful self-built rack and some good looking men...)

And this is the beginning...

... of the very first Advent calendar...

... for Luna and her mummy :)

Merry Advent, guys :)

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Ooooh! That's so awesome! :) Nice work!!

When I looked at the first pic, the very first thing I noticed was Clark, even before I really saw anything else (heh - at least I know my priorities) and then I went "omg! omg! that's Batman!"

And seriously - if those are advent calendars, I'm moving to Germany. The ones we had here when I was a kid were *SO* lame!

WOW! those are so beautiful!

here advent calendars rhymes with overpriced red cardboards things. Don't it boost the mood up?

Xmas decorations have that effect on me, plus since red's my fav color alond with five g-branched stars, let's say right now, I'm in heavan! :)

thanks for sharing, you made my day!

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