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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Choices and decisions

I feel a bit rushed. After some rough days, I would just like to savor some quiet time. But as I’m in my fifth semester now (of nine), I need to choose my majors… until Friday. Great, huh?

And the problem is that I have no idea what to do. It’s not like there’s a great variety – the university offers 3 subjects of which we have to choose two

1) Work and organizational psychology
2) Educational psychology / pedagogy
3) Clinical psychology

The first one was easy because working for companies, doing staff trainings, doing interviews with applicants is really interesting.  And, to be honest, you can make a great deal of money with it. So, I’m gonna apply for a place there for sure.

But with the other two it’s like choosing between pest and cholera Kryptonite and Scarecrow’s fear evocation hallucinogen...

Educational psychology:

- possibly interesting topics but boring classes
- terribly uninterested lecturer (and, yes, sometimes it depends on the professors whether or not you get the stuff)
- you won’t get a job with that in Germany (but hey, who wants to stay here in anyway?)

Clinical psychology:

- I’ll never work in that field – I’m just bad at dealing with people with psychological disorders ike anxiety disorders, depression and such. Yeah, bad attitude, but at least I already know that much
- it *is* still the field of psychology in which most people work
- the lectures are good and interesting
- I’m bad with biological stuff… I have no idea how the human brain works – hence I’m not interested in what causes psychological disorders

It’s not exactly like my life’s gonna depend on this decision.
I know what my friends (who all wanna be therapists) are taking and I try not be influenced by that. But it sucks that I have to choose just now… l won’t be studying here next year either way and I don’t know what will happen in the meantime that could change my choices completely. Plus I kind of know what I wanna do after graduating from university – and that has nothing to do with either of these subjects *sighs*

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i'd go for the third one 'cause it sounds much more interesting but, then again I'm not you and that might not be of any help...

I'm going to say something that'll probably sound silly, but... do what your heart tells you to do. Sometimes you need to shut off the logical part of your brain and listen to the other part... (and yes, I know, this is probably not very useful advice...)

Kryptonite and Scarecrow’s fear evocation hallucinogen...
You know... You're immune to the first one. And if you had it, it would impair all your chances of ever being near Superman. As for the second one, if you got sprayed with it, Batman might come and rescue you. So, really, that's not a very difficult choice. *lol*

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