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We had Exploration course today. And among true psychologists, the first question before starting class is always "So, how are you feeling today?" (just kidding about the "always" though, I'm desperately trying to get rid off that image of Psychology majors spending all their free time psychoanalyzing their environment).

My answer was "Good. Tired, as usual, but good."

And that's precisely how I felt. Last night was strange but nice somehow. When I tried to get some sleep, my last look fell at the MSN window (yes, I sleep next to my laptop, I'm a geek). I was displayed off but knowing of the presence of someone I could talk to if I needed it was really comforting.

I still don't know what kept me from sleeping soundly but one or two nightmares later, it was almost 3 am, I decided that there was just no use in trying to sleep. So I went back online (of course, isn't that what everybody would do.... ;)).

Although I don't remember what I said, chatting in the middle of the night made me feel safe, cocooned if you will. And it helped to finally find some much-needed sleep.

Thank you very much! If I hadn't been so immensely sleepy this morning, I would have said so earlier :)
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