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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Just for the record...
... I was soooo *not* drunk!

But it was still a nice evening :)

That's how I spent Friday night... but it was worth it

Addicted to rubber duckies :)

Pablo behaved immensely well this evening - which is why he got a present as well :)

Um... well...

BTW: Nope, you didn't forget to congratulate, that was not my birthday ;)

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ROTFL! honestly you look great! (and so gdoes your friend (cousin, relative...?)

Sounds like you had a terrific time and...Pablo's such a cutie! Seems like a great, friendly, intelligent dog! he's old...or am I imagining things? 'cause seems he's starting to have eye problems.

And, just love your Xmas rubber ducky!

Would you believe it, two years ago, I offered each of my New Year's eve friends her/his own. So there was a couple of one red ribboned and one blue casquette-d rubber ducjies for soon to be wedded friends and... one tuba&masked rubber ducky (think Clark in "it's a small world"") for engaged girfriend and...I got Pocahontas!

Aww, thank you :)
Yeah, she's my cousin, we're pretty close as you can see (and the only one really "young" at these family parties which is why we normally end up either drunk or in front of the laptop - or both ;))

And yeah, he'S quite old. Don't know his actual age because I got him from the animal shelter two years ago, but he should be about 10 years now. And another yeah, he has some problems with his eyes by now.

yummy Kougelhoff! did it yourself?

yeah, that was so you could see my Pocahontas Ducky. Since seems I can't upload it on the net, you'll get the userpic instead! ;)

Ooooooh, cute ducky! So sweet!
Like this whole trading duckies idea :D

And a third yeah, I did the Gugelhupf by myself. I was actually planning to do an instant one but I was too stingy as this is something I should be able to do on my own ;)

well, you're lucky! I don't even know how to make one of those.

Nice pics! :) You look great :D

See ya,

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