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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Apparently I'm living in the wrong country...
Me at the post office this morning:

"I'd like to have stamps... 10 to the USA and 5 within Europe. Oh, yeah, and 2 for Germany."

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LOL!!!! Can I move with you, then? *g*

Yeah, we should - I wouldn't mind at all ;)

Nor would I! *puts on her best American accent*

I've always been of the opinion that the whole lot of us should go live on a farm in Kansas. A FoLC commune! :)

Now that is a brilliant idea! Possibly the best idea I've heard in my entire life. *g*

couldn't help replying 'cause I find it's a terrific idea. :)

had the same thought when sending all the cards and packages yesterday.

The post guy at cashier desk stared at me and asked: "er...do you always send to that many countries?" well, yeah!

at one moment he was completely lost asking "er...which country does this one go again?"


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