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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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I have a job interview in January!!!

And it's research, my own project about the influences of gender-specific jobs on psychological health - sounds good!

And, omg, this is so much further than I've ever come in the last two months :D
It's not like it's a safe bet... I cannot work there for more than six months and there'll be a lot of other applicants -  but still... :)

So, I have like three weeks to learn HTML... to actually live up to the "basic knowledge" I claimed to have ;)

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That's great, Jana! :)

w00t! Good luck!

And hey, I don't know if it'd help or slow you down, but I find Trellian Webpage handy for HTML projects.

Thank you so much, Paul :)

Yeah, I think, I heard of Trellian before... might be worth a look - thanks!


am happy for you!!

can you still celebrate with a bueno white? ;p

Yeah - thank God, there are still some left. Save them for special occasions (but, I confess, I had two of them just for that one ;)).

And thanks of course - you know, I probably looked a lot like those bunnies when I got the news ;)

Internet URL ist einfar deine Projekt? Ich bin sprachloss. Dass ist Prima (und sehr interessant)!
Bravo! :)

Yeah, it is :)
(sorry, it's a bit strange to write German here - but we practice a bit on MSN when you're back :)).

And I think the topic is quite important nowadays, so YAY :)

Congrats! Good luck figuring out HTML. :) Lara might be able to help you there, isn't she?

Oh yeah! Lara is definitely able to help with HTML. ;)

And Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Congrats, Jana!! You'll have to tell us which date so we can send you good vibes, then.

Thanks :D

Yeah, whether you want it or not, I'll let you know :)
And bug you with clever questions like "And how exactly do I make this line bold?" ;)

oh, and I know how we're gonna celebrate (in case you ran out of bueno white )...LOL!

Yay, you remembered :D

This song's sooooo great - about the only one that makes me wanna daaaaance!

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