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Just a short one tonight...

I just finished my recent fic (reading, not writing, unfortunately) and I can highly recommend it:

The Penfriend by Wendy Richards

In this story, Lois and Clark get paired up as penfriends in high school. But there are certain rules: No personal information such as age, origin or even real name. And so it happened that 10 years later "Tornado" is complaining about the greenhorn she was teamed up while "Scribe" gushes over his new stubborn workpartner...

I absolutely loved this story for its heartfelt and sensitive scenes as well as a good portion of humor. The author found a nice way to interlace the events of season 1 into the stories and the mails between our two heroes without letting them tell each other too much too soon.
So, this is a S1 fic, PG rated and mostly from Lois' POV. No villains (apart from the ones along the sidewalk such as Trask, Toni Taylor, Nightfall etc.) but many waffs :)

Speaking of which: I'm always up for recommendations of L&C fanfic. I'm seriously withdrawing at the moment.
My cup of tea:
- only little violence (nothing at all would actually be best)
- no alt-world

- I like pre-revelation dating aswell as newly-wed stories best
- angst is very much welcome but rather created from the inside (hurt feelings and stuff) than from the outside (skipjacks Lex and Tempus feeling bored again)
My favorite stories are the Playing Series, Momentum, It happened one (super) night, In a dark time, Anybody's Baby, When friends become lovers
and a couple more - so if you have anything waffy and romantic - don't hesitate! :)
Tags: fic, read, supes
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