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Um... wow

Remember the job I told you about some weeks before Christmas? You know, research at our university about psychological problems in people who work in a profession that is untypical for their gender? Well, they finally scheduled an interview: Keep your fingers crossed for Thursday, January 17 :)

And...well... in the break of today's class (classical test theory... exciting, huh?), the professor holding the lecture came to me and went "Are you still looking for a job? Because, actually, our current research project got accepted, so we're hiring new people. So, you better get your CV here..."
That was awesome. I mean, it's not like I'm just some random student to him, I guess. We had a good talk about going abroad almost a year ago, then I saved his bacon when I volunteered to do some last minute calculations for some presentation ;) And I'm doing quite good in his class. So - seems all the effort's finally starting to pay off.
The job is research, too - but more theoretical. And it's more working which means more money. And less time for anything else...

When I was pondering which of these two pretty cool jobs to "take", it hit: I don't have to decide. I could do both. It would mean 13 hours a week adding to my normal university schedule... that's, well, insane... but I can probably work on weekends, so it's not *that* bad. And, ooooh, all the money  that I desperately need...

So, I'm going to this interview on Thursday (hoping it's not as frightening as it sounds...), I'm gonna set up my resume for the other job. And maybe, I'll be working again soon!

Oh, and another thing: I really did apply for this internship thingy I probably mentioned to some of you. Well, I got a mail and am expected to call... so, that would hopefully mean a fulltime "job" during spring break. You know, fulltime plus possibly two other part time jobs.

I'm sooo looking forward to this. I need to get going again, I need to work, I need to feel rushed and exhausted - so that I can fall asleep at night because I'm so tired and not run around lika an insomniac zombie ;)
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