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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Um... wow
Remember the job I told you about some weeks before Christmas? You know, research at our university about psychological problems in people who work in a profession that is untypical for their gender? Well, they finally scheduled an interview: Keep your fingers crossed for Thursday, January 17 :)

And...well... in the break of today's class (classical test theory... exciting, huh?), the professor holding the lecture came to me and went "Are you still looking for a job? Because, actually, our current research project got accepted, so we're hiring new people. So, you better get your CV here..."
That was awesome. I mean, it's not like I'm just some random student to him, I guess. We had a good talk about going abroad almost a year ago, then I saved his bacon when I volunteered to do some last minute calculations for some presentation ;) And I'm doing quite good in his class. So - seems all the effort's finally starting to pay off.
The job is research, too - but more theoretical. And it's more working which means more money. And less time for anything else...

When I was pondering which of these two pretty cool jobs to "take", it hit: I don't have to decide. I could do both. It would mean 13 hours a week adding to my normal university schedule... that's, well, insane... but I can probably work on weekends, so it's not *that* bad. And, ooooh, all the money  that I desperately need...

So, I'm going to this interview on Thursday (hoping it's not as frightening as it sounds...), I'm gonna set up my resume for the other job. And maybe, I'll be working again soon!

Oh, and another thing: I really did apply for this internship thingy I probably mentioned to some of you. Well, I got a mail and am expected to call... so, that would hopefully mean a fulltime "job" during spring break. You know, fulltime plus possibly two other part time jobs.

I'm sooo looking forward to this. I need to get going again, I need to work, I need to feel rushed and exhausted - so that I can fall asleep at night because I'm so tired and not run around lika an insomniac zombie ;)

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Wow. Sounds busy. But also sounds like you've got options. Which is great. Congratulations! And... good luck. Hope stuff pans out and that you don't wear yourself out if you get accepted for all three.

Thanks a lot, Paul :)

Yeah, it's quite a lot - but it's all stuff I love (juggling around with hypotheses and tables), so Yay ;)


YAY!!! that's awesome good news!

Don't exhaust yourself too much but...whatever you feel like doing is good.

why the worried icon?

sending good vibes your way and keeping my finger crossed.


Hehe, thanks, Carole.

Used the icon just because of what you mentioned... I still vividly remember the last time I was so busy, exactly a year ago. It was terrible and I felt like a failure those days because I couldn't balance all the stuff.

On the other hand, that was another job (the one to die for) and I wasn't really flexible considering my working hours.
So, let's just hope this turns out fine :)

Oh, and, omg, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I'll have soul food in the form of Buenos until the end of my days ;)
That's so sweet of you!

YAY! Goodie!

I guess the package reached you fine, after all! Glad it did. Knew you would appreciate it. And, so far, I only found this "big bueno pack" in one Parisian store. kept searching and searching for it in all other usual stores I know and they don't have it. So, it's a collector model (but, hey! feel free to tear it open and eat. that's what soul and comforting food's job's all about, ain't it? *g*

Am sure it will go fine. Just don't exhaust yourself too much. Money's fine and helps...but without a good health to allow you to work hard for it...see where I'm heading?

take good care, OK?



Btw, I had a weird dream of you.
I guess, I better write down what I can still remember of it. Was a bit strange, though... probably mostly because I have no idea how you really look like ;)

you told me you had a weird dream of me before but you never elaborated. So, feel free to write it down or email it to me...will help lightening up your moods and...if you want some analysis on it, don't hesitate!

you know the mail...or msn addy. ;)

Yep, I will ;)

Nothing special, though, and always quite short episodes. Just wanted to mention ;)

And away you are again...

Guess, I'll write you a mail then :)

no! no!

am back! just thought you weren't.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, C, thanks so much!
You're right... suddenly there are soooo many possibilities :D

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