schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

And again this time of the year...

Today I set the first date for our learning group. So, I guess I finally have to admit to myself: Exams are coming up. Again

Which means weekends spent at friends’ houses, studying until 2 am, junk food and getting irritated by a single word. *sighs* I hate it

And I hate it even more than ever because this time, I have true friends that I’ll miss so badly :(
And we didn’t have too much time with each other lately, so it hurts even more to think of 4 weeks barely speaking to them.

It would probably be easier if I could drag myself do study alone. I can accomplish so much more without the others... *  If I could get started, that is. Which I can’t. I’m the master of procrastination, so I need other people to push me. 

* (which I discovered last year: I had three days (well, nights, mostly) to study a whole semester’s lecture that I hadn’t attended… and I managed to get about 85%).
Tags: friends, university
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