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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Scarily amazing... and amazingly scared
I’m feeling good. All day I’ve been in this kind of good mood, in a happy bubble because finally things are going smoothly.
- School: Although I’m in the middle of my exams period, I don’t feel too stressed out. I have enough time to get prepared and I’m going to be fine.
- Abroad: I DID IT! I finally submit my application for McGill. I waited this long because I still needed to get my academic records translated (Thanks, Lara!) and approved and a letter of permission by my dean (Do you have any idea how good it feels to read things like “strongly encourage”, “hope for her to get a place” and “don’t hesitate to contact me”?). Both of them I got, I chose my courses, I finished the online application, I paid the fees and now I need all your fingers (and toes probably) crossed.
- Work: You already know about my new job. About an hour after the call of my new boss, I got a mail for anther interview which is scheduled this Wednesday :) I already talked to the guy and he would be okay with me working in the night and on weekends. Plus the topic is really interesting – YAY!
- Health: Jogging is going great (1 hour) and I’m losing weight :D
- Private Life: is weird. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are just things I can’t stop thinking about. Which is not really convenient at the moment because I need to focus on studying. But still, kinda nice and I won’t complain ;) (and sorry for being all cryptic... I just can’t talk yet but it definitely belongs to the pro, so it should be mentioned here)

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told you already but I'm happy and glad you're feeling so good and things are turning out the way you want them too.

WTG! and rock their world! ;p


Not sure how I managed to miss this entry completely. :( I'm sorry!

*hugs* for some of these and *happy dance* for the rest.

OT, saw you did a vid for coming of age by SQD. I so love this fic...but can't see that type of files. any chance of a youtube version in the future?

have a great, sunny, joyful WE!



Hey Carole,

yeah, I could try. Thing is that I always had problems with previous versions of uploaded videos because there was always some sort of delay between video and audio. But well, I'll just give it another try because I'm really proud of that video cause it turned out just the way I wanted it to.
If that works, I can upload the former ones I did, too :) ("Träumen und Hoffen" by Tagträumer and "We are One" by Westlife)

Have a nice WE - I guess I won't be online a lot (at least not free to chat) until midnight case we're post-celebrating my mum's b-day and people here think I spent too much time in the internet anyway :P Wonder how they got that idea ;)

So, take care :)


you? too much time on internet? I really don't know what they mean! ;)

am listenig to Superman OST right now.

won't be online much 'cause Salsa WE coming up soon and I got to pack a few things.

No rush for translating the vids but, am really curious now! ;)


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