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Scarily amazing... and amazingly scared

I’m feeling good. All day I’ve been in this kind of good mood, in a happy bubble because finally things are going smoothly.
- School: Although I’m in the middle of my exams period, I don’t feel too stressed out. I have enough time to get prepared and I’m going to be fine.
- Abroad: I DID IT! I finally submit my application for McGill. I waited this long because I still needed to get my academic records translated (Thanks, Lara!) and approved and a letter of permission by my dean (Do you have any idea how good it feels to read things like “strongly encourage”, “hope for her to get a place” and “don’t hesitate to contact me”?). Both of them I got, I chose my courses, I finished the online application, I paid the fees and now I need all your fingers (and toes probably) crossed.
- Work: You already know about my new job. About an hour after the call of my new boss, I got a mail for anther interview which is scheduled this Wednesday :) I already talked to the guy and he would be okay with me working in the night and on weekends. Plus the topic is really interesting – YAY!
- Health: Jogging is going great (1 hour) and I’m losing weight :D
- Private Life: is weird. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are just things I can’t stop thinking about. Which is not really convenient at the moment because I need to focus on studying. But still, kinda nice and I won’t complain ;) (and sorry for being all cryptic... I just can’t talk yet but it definitely belongs to the pro, so it should be mentioned here)
Tags: abroad, friends, l-word, university, work
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