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Big Brother is watching you

$Gee, I had my first EEG last week – as an experimenter that is. First victim was Conny who spent most of the time assuring the nervous me that it would be no big deal at all. And actually, it wasn’t. I had a lot more responsibility than everybody had told me but it was nice and actually not that complicated. Most of the time I would watch her nervous signals, not really sure what to look for anyway. Every 5 minutes I went to her cabin, told her about her results which were really great (the researcher assisting me kept calling her “alien” due to her good percentage). I won’t go into much detail with what the task was as I have honestly no idea what we’re researching but it was something about overt and covert attention – the first being the “usual” form of attention when you actively observe something whereas the latter means that your eyes are focused on a certain point but you have to concentrate on something out of your directed view. It’s not that exciting, I know ;)

But interestingly enough I almost had fun one day later when Linda became my “labrat”. She wasn’t nearly as relaxed and convenient as Conny but with the “expertise” I gained it was quite okay. I even managed to interpret some of her EEG waves which made me kind of proud (not to mention that our professor came along and watched me competently clicking around in the programme). I told her not too peek to often and not to cramp too much which was both visible through her results. That’s quite amazing!

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