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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Music Meme
Tagged by cyad but I stole laramoon's neat idea to youtube some of them (and did I just used the verb "to youtube"? Um... ouch)

1. List your top five favorite musical artists
2. List your top five favorite songs from each artist.
3. Tag five people to do the same

1. Westlife
a) Heart without a home
b) Have you ever been in love?
c) Obvious
d) Flying without wings
e) Hit you with the real thing

2. Rascal Flatts
a) Like I am
b) What hurts the most
c) She goes all the way
d) Broken Road
e) Cool Thing

3. Die Prinzen [The Princes]
a) Keine Tränen mehr [No more tears]
b) Bevor [Before]
c) Ganz oben [On the top]
d) Schlaflied [Lullaby]
e) Vierzig Jahre [Forty years] (the acapella version)

4. Lifehouse:
a) From where you are
b) Me and You
c) First Time
d) Broken
e) Everything

5. Kelly Clarkson
a) Because of you
b) Anytime
c) A moment like this
d) Beautiful Disaster (the live version)
e) Addicted

Actually, I had a hard time finding five artists. Westlife and Rascal Flatts were easy and probably evident to everybody seeing the songs I listen to, via MSN or here on LJ. Then I went looking to WMP to see what else had been recently played and, voilà, there was Lifehouse. So, last step was to my MP3 folder and look up the artists I have lots of files of. Then it hit me that I had absolutely forgotten the best German band ever ;)
And, well, Kelly Clarkson is great, but she's certainly not my favorite artist. Just someone who sung like 2 or 3 very good songs. But of all the other people I could have listed here, she definitely is the best ;)

Who could also have made it on the list but missed it due to too little "wow" songs:
- Melanie Chisholm (omg, "The moment you believe" is amazing and I spent weeks listening to "Everything must change")
- Roxette ("Spending my time" gets me crying whenever I listen to it because that's so me when I get my heart broken)
- Caught in the act - my very first teenie boygroup, I still remember how sad I was when they split up in 1998
- SIlbermond [Silver Moon] (whose "Das Beste" [The Best] moves me to tears)
... and a couple of others ;)

As for the tagging... I think there's no one left to tag :P
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like Kelly Clarkson, too and Rascal Flatts. heard the song you youtubed before and...now you made me curious about rest of their discography. ;p

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