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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Weird train of thoughts

"You know... if I wanna make port wine jelly next Christmas, I have to go on studying now..."

It's still some sort of motivation after all... and as long as it works, I won't complain ;)

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sorry, but am way behind this morning. so, dunno when I'll drop on msn.

OT, thought of you this WE 'cause saw a jogger with a Mc Gill University sweater! ;)

weird that you should think of her and not me when you see that. *lol* I work 3 blocks away from that place... ;)

oui mais ça je le savais pas!

maintenant, vu que l'une ne va pas sans l'autre, je vous pettrait dans le même sac de pensées! héhé!

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