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So, I’m alive...

Even if it’s just barely so.
No, well, actually I’m okay.

Had a minor nervous breakdown this morning, yelling and crying but that’s kinda normal, I guess – for me, anyway. And of course I started crying and hyperventilating during the exam but that’s normal, too. If anything, this taught me again, that during stressful times, I better hide from the outside world and hole up in some cave.

What soothes me a bit is that I couldn’t have done more than I did. I studied day and night, I practically dreamed of calculations and formulae... and I can’t believe it’s over for this semester (well, almost, but the last oral exam is just to be passed...).

So, in about 2 hours, I’m going to meet this nice professor who’s hopefully agreeing to write sign my letter of recommendation. He’s like the third person I asked and I’m more and more running out of time – deadline for the scholarship application is March 1.

On other news I’m still losing weight. Just “noticed” it today because my rings don’t fit my thumbs anymore and I’ve been stepping on the bottom seam of my pants all day.
Which is kinda weird considering all the alcohol I’ve been drinking lately – oi!

So, yay, life got me back :D
After Conny’s birthday today, I’ll be doing... nothing! Just watching Friends, doing memes, chatting and sleeeeeeping! 
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