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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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So, I’m alive...
Even if it’s just barely so.
No, well, actually I’m okay.

Had a minor nervous breakdown this morning, yelling and crying but that’s kinda normal, I guess – for me, anyway. And of course I started crying and hyperventilating during the exam but that’s normal, too. If anything, this taught me again, that during stressful times, I better hide from the outside world and hole up in some cave.

What soothes me a bit is that I couldn’t have done more than I did. I studied day and night, I practically dreamed of calculations and formulae... and I can’t believe it’s over for this semester (well, almost, but the last oral exam is just to be passed...).

So, in about 2 hours, I’m going to meet this nice professor who’s hopefully agreeing to write sign my letter of recommendation. He’s like the third person I asked and I’m more and more running out of time – deadline for the scholarship application is March 1.

On other news I’m still losing weight. Just “noticed” it today because my rings don’t fit my thumbs anymore and I’ve been stepping on the bottom seam of my pants all day.
Which is kinda weird considering all the alcohol I’ve been drinking lately – oi!

So, yay, life got me back :D
After Conny’s birthday today, I’ll be doing... nothing! Just watching Friends, doing memes, chatting and sleeeeeeping! 

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hope exam went well and losing weight is good, right? stress related, you think?


your after Conny's Bday program seems good! what for her Bday? surprises?

have a tremendous week-end! :)



Hehe, thanks :)

There are some pics of Conny's birthday in my LJ photos.
I got her a stuffed sheep (which can be seen on one of the pics together with the three of us), some jelly soap (because she loves LUSH but the stuff is sooo expensive http://www.lush.com/ ) and some strawberry shower gel (because she loves strawberry). Not very inventive and creative but I got all that stuff in the last minute... um... I'm so bad with presents ;)

And I even got some VDay present from her :D
Very cool :)

hey! you thought of it and managed to get all the stuffs she likes at lst minute....I wouldn't exactly call it being bad with presents. On the contrary...YAY you! :)

Oh, and, yeah, the weight stuff is mostly stress related, I think.
I'm not really hungry, so some chocolate is all I eat in order not to lose too much weight (and I would never have thought that I would actually *need* to eat high-calorie stuff...) too quickly. And all I felt like eating lately.

And, yes, exam went okay. My biggest problem is that my demand on myself is pretty high, so... :(

We will see, I guess. He said, he might be finished with the correction within two weeks :)

ah! gimme five on putting it high and hard on yourself!

and if it's all you feel like eating, follow it! I had periods of time like that where all I was feeling like eating was chco and sweet stuffs. my therapists told me that my brain knews what I needed and that I shouldn't restrict myself but listen to brain so...maybe it's the samr for you.

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