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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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I wish there was a muse I could blame
... for the fact that I'm simply unable to write. But no, it's probably just me.

I was looking for a file today on my hard drive. What I stumbled across, though, was some original fiction I've written about two years ago.
Honestly, whenever people told me that they don't remember stuff they're written, I would just laugh because I couldn't believe how you could forget about lines you put your heart into.

But reading this one page today gave me the creeps. I know this is going to sound very conceited but:
Oh my god, what awesome stuff did my mind produce those days?
I could remember the whole concept I had and some minor details - but the quality of these sentences which I don't remember at all amazes me. There are images I built, a lot of sarcasm and a deep sadness depressing the whole atmosphere. All that reminds me of one of my favorite books - which I didn't read before I wrote that stuff, btw.

What saddens me is that I'm not even going to try to go on writing. I still know what I wanted to make out of that story and I still know the end that is already written in my head.
But somehow I couldn't fill the pages in between because I lost my creativity - but, well, nice to know that there's actually been a time that it was there.

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This reminds me, a few years ago, when we did a book project at work. We wrote a book, a bunch of us together. At first people didn't want to participate, saying they "did not know how to write" -- and as our receptionist explained to them all, that's simply not true. Everyone knows how to write. Everyone has the ability, all it involves is typing words on a keyboard and anyone can do that. All that's really required is the time needed to put the words on the page. And if, on top of it, you already know how the story ends, then you can write it. Yes, you can.

Hehe, well, I guess that's kinda right. Of course I know how to write... I just don't know how to write well.

Maybe it's all about getting better in the process or whatever but I find it hard to "simply type words on a keyboard" when after 10 lines I reread the stuff and think it's just crap.
You know, it takes out the fun - fun that hasn't been there in the first place ;)

And... did I have a point? Um... I'm not really sure... maybe I should go to bed :P

Thanks anyway, I'm sure I'll come back to that topic... now that it started tickling me...

I just don't know how to write well.

Three words: practice makes perfect.

There was a time when I couldn't line up words to make a sentence in English, you know...

I second Lara! A lot of times writing is just typing pages of crap and then editing out the really bad stuff, even if it only leaves you with one sentence out of ten. And then as you go on, the percentage of good vs. bad will eventually change for the better.

You still have the part of you that wrote that beautiful fic. And if you start writing again, I'll bet you'll find your way back to it. If you want to, that is. And it sounds to me like you do...

Awwww! I do know the feeling. I can start a story, but as I think faster than I can write it all down, I'm already at the end before I've typed two pages... and then I'm not interested in it anymore. Plus, I find my writing to be crap, so who'll read that? But I do write *and* finish stories, so there's hope for you still!

pffft! to you too, what you write it not crap! I've read some of your stories and they're *very good*.

Edited at 2008-02-19 01:52 pm (UTC)

Compared to what's inside my head and what I get down onto paper, it's crap. But I get better with practise. And even if the entire world would *say* it's crap, there's no stopping me. :D So I suppose I'm not that bad. I know there's plenty of authors out there who do far worse than me, and them being native English speakers too. *g*

But thank you for the compliment! :)))))))))

*hugs* well, I think you're really good! ...and you know, if you need a beta or someone to throw ideas around with, I'm never really far. :D

yeah, I gotta back up Caro, here!

your stories are awesomelly good! And with all that Kerth-y vibes and authors frantically posting fics...there's hope for us *readers in search of a new muse to squeeze and come back to writers world* to read your prose soon? right?


More stories from me? Ehm, well... *looks sheepily into thin air* Just keep an eye on the boards. You never know when you find something unexpected there. *g*

duh! tell me something I don't already do know! ;p

I have a solution but it kinda makes it real hard on the BR:

don't ever re-read what you write. go with the flow and... prepare for heavy read BR corrections...

OK. dunno what to tell you. except: you really should keep writing.

I know the feeling! I've happened to read stuff I'd written a long time ago and think, "wow, that was a GOOD piece!" Sadly, it's mostly incomplete pieces I can't find it in myself to finish. Sigh.

Hope you find it in yourself to write again! :)

See ya,

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