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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Spring suc... rules ;)
Just came back from my every-other-day-jogging. But it certainly went better than last Friday... I was a bit afraid that it would end up in another disaster. But, well, it didn’t. Probably because this time I was clever enough to take a shot of my asthma spray *before* the running (and not after I dragged myself home like last time).

I still didn’t make it to one hour but only 40 minutes. That bugs me a bit but I suppose it’s due to the fact that I’m not doing anything lately. I don’t really get out of the house apart from walking my dog – so, might be that my fitness is decreasing or anything like that. But, well, only one week, then I’ll finally be working again :)

And - WOW: The weather is so great: We have like 15° C, the sun is shining... I was jogging in running shorts and a tanktop - and still it was sooo warm! Can't imagine what it's going to be like in summer ;)

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oh heck!

you dragged yourself out, did 40 min running and didn't end up needing air...I'd say: YAY @ GO YOU!!!!

Awww, yeah, thanks :)

You know, without excuses like

"Oh, the weather's bad"

"Oh, I need to study for exams"

"Oh, it's so dark outside"

"Oh, today is Sabbath"

(you see, I'm quite creative...)

I had no other choice ;)
But I really have to get back to a really regular schedule. I've been to an hour at December (when it was below freezing point), so I need to get back there soon :)

WOW! gotta praise your creativity, especially on "oh, it's Sabbath". that totally got my *rotfl*

and don't worry, you'll rocket back to 1 hour. but then, if weather was below freezing, meant that outside was cold so, your body maybe needed more time to register you were all worked up since it had to regulate your body heat.

dunno if last phrase makes sense 'cause, sleepless again (well, not exactly: rain woke me up)

You know, actually I thought something similar...

Maybe, as it was so cold outside, my body wasn't so worked out because it got cooled down from the outside. You know, like a PC that crashes down if the fan isn't working properly.
Actually, everything they taught me in Physics in school (you know, with heat being energy and energy being needed to get a machine working) would speak against that theory but I like it ;)

Plus normally I run in the evening (at about 7.30 pm), so even colder then.

On the other hand, I really like the sun because I wanna get a reaaaal tan this year (and this is what I promise myself every year... but with the 3 hours pure sun per week, it could actually work) - so, gotta train my body to love running in the afternoon (when lots of people are downtown who can see me and wonder what kind of nutcase is jogging in the city center ;))

Anyway... hope you can catch some sleep now :)
Maybe, I'll go to bed soon, too. Or, maybe not... :P

even if your tan theory doens't work, sun is good for depressive people and always acts as a mood's booster so...can't be wrong! ;p

It's a scary thought, but a person's fitness level can decrease with amazing speed. But running 40 minutes at a stretch is very good!

Yeah, it kinda scared me, too. I mean, I've only been off schedule for a *week* - who would have thought that this needs to make me end up all wimpy ;)

And thanks of course :)

Forty minutes running is a quite an achievement. :) You'll get back to an hour soon enough.

I'm still amazed people can actually do this. I'm exhausted after about five minutes, so I'm in awe. :)

Yeah, I was amazed myself :) I only started in September with barely 60 seconds in one stretch - although I still cannot believe that people do this without being "forced" to do so ;)

You got to that much in five months??? Whoa!

And yeah, I know those people. Weird ones, they are. *g*

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