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Spring suc... rules ;)

Just came back from my every-other-day-jogging. But it certainly went better than last Friday... I was a bit afraid that it would end up in another disaster. But, well, it didn’t. Probably because this time I was clever enough to take a shot of my asthma spray *before* the running (and not after I dragged myself home like last time).

I still didn’t make it to one hour but only 40 minutes. That bugs me a bit but I suppose it’s due to the fact that I’m not doing anything lately. I don’t really get out of the house apart from walking my dog – so, might be that my fitness is decreasing or anything like that. But, well, only one week, then I’ll finally be working again :)

And - WOW: The weather is so great: We have like 15° C, the sun is shining... I was jogging in running shorts and a tanktop - and still it was sooo warm! Can't imagine what it's going to be like in summer ;)
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