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"I'm gonna kill myself for you..."

Well, who would have thought that this baby is finally making it online?!

Artist is a German punk rock band called “Die Toten Hosen” [The Dead Pants] who originally released this song in German (and I still think that this is the best version with way better lyrics!). When I listened to it, I was kinda sad that it was in German because it totally screamed LEX to me ;)

But some digging in the internet revealed that they did in fact record a crappy English version, too (and a weird French one with some singer I never heard of).
So, lots of thanks to laramoon (who would probably never have thought that I could actually finish a video I started) for helping me with some clips and for giving me much-needed encouragement on the earliest version of this vid :)

Um... I normally dedicate my vids to someone... but for some reason, I don't think that anyone would feel honoured in this case ;) 

So, here you go: "All for the sake of love" by Die Toten Hosen

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