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Stolen from cyad

- July 14 -
You are very sensitive and sympathetic to the feelings of others. You are friendly and fun to be with, but you are easily hurt by others. You are a homebody sometimes and enjoy just chilling with
Positive Traits:
cooperative, versatile, organized, analytical, curious
Negative Traits:
impatience, restlessness, rebellious, irresponsible, breaking promises

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

So, I go with absolutely everything said in the general description.
cooperative: um... you wish! I'm stubborn
versatile: no, narrow-minded
organized: nope, I wish
analytical: true, though not logical at all
curios: nope, not really
impatient: sometimes but not really striking
restless: true
rebellious: hahaha!
irresponsible: um?
breaking promises: NO!
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