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Bats when deprived of sleep...

Oi, I'm so not a morning person.
You would think that going to bed at 11.30 pm and getting up again at 8:30 would leave me well-rested. Substract one hour of chatting (more or less) and two hours of not-being-able-to-go-to-sleep-again thereafter, and you won't be surprised about what kind of mess I am.
Still, I had an IKEA date, so there was no way I would grant myself some more hours of sleep. And sleeping in the bus on our way there, being able to rant about life in general and a lot of coffee (in my super-new mug :D) helped me to survive up to now ;)

Back in Leipzig, I was struck by an impulse which led me to the city hall to order a new passport. This might not sound special but considering that my old passport is still valid for another year (until August 2009), getting it now makes certain implications about whether or not I think I'll be here to apply for a new one next year...
The passport pic of me is so absolutely hideous, I look all sullen, depressed and pissed off by the world in general. Very attractive ;)
And I wonder whether them taking my fingerprints and the biometrically  correct photo means that the immigration process at the airport is going to be a bit quicker than previously.
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