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Finally finished...

... the book I’ve been reading for several months now ;) And I have no idea why it took me so long to get into the story because during the last couple of days I rushed through the story. Seems I'm not really adequate for the 50 books challenge ;)
“The other side of the story” by Marian Keyes

This book is all about three women, who each live their individual life but whose destinies get intertwined and who therefore have interesting points of view to tell.

There is Lilly, very sweet and always kind to everybody. After getting mugged, she writes a lovely book which becomes a bestseller. But the only big mistake she made in life is the one thing that’s haunting her and that she blames to be the source of all her problems: She stole Anton, the boyfriend of

Gemma. After her father walks out on her mother she becomes a prisoner in her own home, hardly allowed to leave it for work. This – amongst a couple of bed stories – is what she shares in various e-mails with her best friend. And she would never have dreamed of these mails being forwarded to and published by

Jojo, successful literary agent of numerous famous authors (Lily being one of them) and on the verge of becoming partner of her agency. But all these plans get in danger when suddenly everybody in the company seems to know the reason for her success: The fact that she’s sleeping with her boss, who is married and father of two children.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I looooved this book! On 650 pages, Keyes took her time to develop all three plots individually but as the time goes on, the stories merge and the reader gets aware of certain things being looked at from different perspectives. Unfortunately, near the end, she seems to get a bit of a rush - and, well, as for the ends of the stories...
But I’m sure that every woman can identify with at least one of these women. There was one whose story I was absolutely in love with and who was eerily like me (and, as it happens, she ends up being the one without a guy...) and of course one that I could absolutely not stand for various stupid things she did... ;) 

I’m kinda sad that I’m finished. But I just ordered a huuuge package of new books from amazon (Yay for gift certificates) – and besides new books from Marian Keyes, there is one book called Touchwood that I’m dying to read.
You can see, I'm on a flow at the moment :D
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