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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Oh my freakin' God...

Of course, I need to wait for the official letter but... OMG!!!

No matter how much today sucked, this has been the best day in the previous months (well, almost ;) There is one event compared to which even this admission pales a bit... but just a bit). I am so incredibly happy! And, to quote someone very dear: "I'm afraid I'll wake up and find that most of today's been just a dream." :)

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*rushes to Jana and hugs and swirls and joins in the Snoopy danse and here, have some homemade chocolava cake!!!*

let's party party!!!!!!

t'as intérêt à parfaire ton français fissa! ;)

Ouais, c'est très important :D

BTW: J'ai recu (désolée, je n'ai pas la cédille au clavier) mes résultats d'examen: 90% :)
Ce n'est plus trop important (alors, si je continue de faire mes études ici, c'est encore important... ;)), mais je suis très heureuse pourtant :)

c'est super 90%, bravo! :)

Congratulations, Jana! *hugs*

Thanks a lot :D *hugs back*

Yay!!!! That's wonderful news!

You'll have a fantastic time up there, I'm sure.

You gonna celebrate?

Yeaaaaah, I'm so looking forward!

As for the celebrating: You betcha!
First, I'll have to send various mails to lots of people (like professors and friends and some other people who helped me along the way) - but afterwards... ;)

That's wonderful, Jana! I'm so happy for you!

(Deleted comment)
Hehe, thanks, C. :)

*hugs back*


Congratulations! :)

YAY :D Thanks a lot, Paul!

omg, WOW!!! Congrats, Jana!

YAY!! Great news! :DD

Anna :)

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