schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

One Hour Photo

That's what I'm currently watching.
It's been weeks since the last time, I've been rummaging in the TV programme and finding something I definitely wanted to see.
It's a psycho thriller (something I carefully avoid normally) with Robin Williams. He's playing a photo shop assistant, a lunatic who decorates his walls with stolen photos of his customers. Thus, having lived alone for all his life, he creates his own little world, imagining he was part of all this. But what if his perfect fantasy starts to crumble and he has to face the fact that it's not so consummate at all?

Well, you probably know this movie as it's from 2002.
But still, wonderful actors (well, the fact that handsome Michael Vartan plays the cheating husband and father doesn't actually hurt.) and the subtly created tension make it a great movie! Definitely worth watching!
Tags: tv
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