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Good morning, class...

I told you about my jobs, right?
Did I already mention that I work like 8 hours a day for one of them and not at all for the other? Believe me, I would, but up to now, there was just nothing to do.
First my supervisor was on vacation and when she came back she went on writing on her current journal article. And I can see that she doesn’t need any help for that but seriously: Why did they employ me at all? All I’ve been doing lately is collecting missing hours... several of them.
We finally had a talk yesterday and apart from finally giving me a task (hunting for literature), she asked me to...

Teach a class next semester!

Omg... this so huuuuge. And I’m so nervous.
Those of you who know me a bit better know that I’m pretty shy and afraid to talk to people... so giving seminars with like 20 people (thank God, the policy of this professorship is to build only pretty small groups) is really a demand.
But it’s going to be a great chance (especially for someone my age, when most people only *start* with university here) and preparation for later (after all, I’m fancying a career in academics)... and, to be honest, teaching competences will look so great in my CV ;)
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