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Sooo lazy...
God, could please someone kick my a**?

I haven't managed anything today... I was out walking my dog, copied some files from my broken hard drive (yay, it's working - thanks, Dad!!!) and... well, that's it.
Sad, I know.

I mean, it wouldn't be that bad if my mind could ignore my huge to-do list (not a specific order):
- BRing for bakasi
- clean up my apartment
- studying for the in-between exams in 2 months
- preparing my presentation in 3 weeks
- digging through the net to find a nice abroad university (okay, for at the earliest 2008, so that could wait some time... but I still have no idea about which country to go at all...)

Gee... I guess, I should get up :((actually, the mood thingy doesn't really match... I'm neither happy nor proud of lying around and complaining about being bored)


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