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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Why? Well, I say "Why not?"


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"I antistrophi metrisi arkise
+ phono
+ biosis
+phono (krisis) "

In case you wondered.

And, I'd better trust annabtg's translation butI'd go for:

"antistrophe of body stretch measures (or something like that)

+ Sounds --> extend to voice
+ life ressources


+Sounds (distinct)" but you already knew that. ;)

EDITED: and thanks for the greek link. am always on for greek reading! :)

Edited at 2008-04-08 05:53 am (UTC)

Hehe... lemme me just say "kalimera" (? not sure but that's all my poor greek memory manages) because I just woke up and my brain is still asleep ;)

kalimera Jana kai megalopretis imera...I really hope my greek isn't as rusted as am thinking it is right now... ;p

hallo Jana und ein wunderschön Tag. approximatively! ;)

have breakfast so your neurons slowly come to speed! :)

Edited at 2008-04-08 06:19 am (UTC)

nooo... use all the time i have in my warm bed (cuddling with rupert ;)) because i'm facing a loooooong day. won't have breakfast before noon :P
And your German is almost perfect - congrats :D

noon's not a breakfast hour to me but, heck! you can brunnch! :)

and "almost perfect" means it's "perfectible" *hihi*

oh, cuddling with Rupert? d'you know I bought his small cousin, Norbert? *totally cute!*

Edited at 2008-04-08 06:44 am (UTC)

Teehee, yeah, I saw a pic of him among the pics you sent me ;) And Caro said that you chose a name kinda similar to Rupert...

Seriously, ypu had me all rofl-ing when I read that name this morning. It's soooo cute (and very funny for a moose ;))!

I showed Rupert a pic and he raised his eyebrow a bit... which is a sign of huuuuge interest for his standards, you know. He's a grumpy these days because about every other night I manage to drop him somehow, so that he ends up sleeping on the hard wood floor instead of my arms. Good thing that Pablo isn't around in the night then, else I'd probably end up cooking moose ragout one of these days... ;)

true! he was standing next to Pompon (my dog). I choosed a name similar to Rupert 'cause, in my mind, mooses's names ought to end in "ert" (don't ask!). I also wanted a North reference or at least the sound "or" 'cause moose = ORignal (in french). So, Norbert it is. *g*

Aww! poor Rupert! *me shields Norbert's ears hoping he missed the moose ragout reference but me frantically LOL at it!*

gay super hero

Thank you for your wonderful support!

Here is the text of our protest in German:

In Griechenland Schwullen, Lesben und Transexuelle sind mit Diskriminierung vertraut. Sie werden täglich in der Familie, dem sozialem Leben und in der Arbeit damit auseinandergesetzt.

Aber es wird irgendwann zu viel.

Laut Presse, das Justizministerium hat vor einen Ehe-ähnlichen Vertrag NUR für heterosexuelle Paare zu entwerfen. Wir glauben nicht, daß so ein Vertrag die Probleme von
gleichgeschlechtigen Paaren lösen kann oder ihre Gleichberechtigung garantiert.
Wir glauben aber fest daran, daß dieser Vertrag einen Kontrast herstellt gegen sowohl der Greichischen Konstitution als auch den hart erkämpften EU- Menschensrechten, da in 18 EU Länder schon die Rechte von Homosexuellen Paare fest verankert sind.

Das Ziel dieser Aktion ist die Europäischen Institutionen zu Informieren, die organisationen für Menschensrechte , Webseiten und Blogs von dieser Missachtung unserer Rechten. Nichts mehr und nichts weniger.

Dieses Mal werden wir sowas nicht stumm dulden. Wir bleiben nicht sitzen


Our banner reads:

"Der Countdown hat begonnen. Lebensgemeischaft Vertrag oder Diskriminierungsvertrag?"

Es ist möglich auch das griechische Ministerium für Justiz direkt anzuschreiben unter grammatia@justice.gov.gr Eure Hilfe und Unterstützung könnte eine bedeutende Rolle bei unserer Initiative spielen!


Where did you find this and why are you posting it? I'm assuming you know what it is about, and the poster above seems to be explaining it anyway (although I don't speak German so I can't be sure, heh. If you need further explications, just ask).

Not being judgemental, by any means, just curious.

See ya,

Edited at 2008-04-13 10:21 pm (UTC)

I found it at a German friend's blog. Not here at LJ, some private provider.

And I'm posting it because I don't think that the processes that seem to go on about that domestic partnership contract in Greece (well, just judging from what I read in the internet, of course, I'm not directly involved by any means) is something people should know about. And if I see a chance to say my opinion about discrimnation against "minorities", I take it.
It doesn't matter that I'm not affected by laws that prohibit same-sex marriage (as I am living in a country where LGTBs fought hard to gain at least *some* acceptance) - I just don't think that in the "enlightened" society we claim to have in Europe, people's rights and duties should depend on their sexuality.

To me, this is not about Greece at all. If I knew about other "movements" like that, I'd certainly participate in them, too.

Jana :)


I haven't solidly made up my mind on the issue yet, to be honest. I tend to think that, if we put it as "domestic partnership", it has absolutely nothing to do with the relationship between the two people involved (and, as a result, their genders). If you want to share your possessions with anyone, for any reason, and have legal confirmation for that, you should be able to.

I do have my reservations about considering two people that live like that "married". I think that "marriage" is, or should be, more than that. And if our Church and society isn't open to the idea of giving this right to gay couples too, it's mostly because of this, I believe; because they consider this contract a marriage alternative/substitute.

I'd elaborate more but I need to go to bed. I think you got the idea of what I'm thinking; I'd be certainly willing to continue this conversation, if you've got something to say/argue.

See ya,

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