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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Seeking for world domination
Well, sort of.

There are student body elections at my faculty next week. I felt a bit pretentious (thanks to laramoon, I didn't know that word before and it's a really useful one!) about presenting myself as a candidate. I haven't been exactly active during my last legislative period due to special work affairs, so I heard people talking whether I lost my mind.

Anyway, I'm motivated... and the fact that there are 10 positions to fill and only 11 candidates (and only 5 of them presented their ads so far)  should help a bit :)

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um?! I hope you learned the word from something I wrote and not something you think I am. *lol*

Good luck for the elections! :D

Sorry, yeah, of course - some time ago, you wrote about not wanting to be pretentious by recommending one of your stories ;)
Thanks for the good wish!

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