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You're too sexy for... this meme

Tagged by cyad  - wheee!

List your top 10 sexiest famous men. Then collect & post one picture of each guy on your list. Put it in your journal and tag 3 people to do the same!

Dean Cain

Christian Bale

Orlando Bloom

Hugh Grant

Luke Wilson

Robbie Williams

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Colin Farrell

Heath Ledger

I'm tagging judosas  and whoever wants to be tagged :)

ETA: Seriously, I'm just following jojo's idea ;) (uh huh)

Erin Kelly

Christina Aguilera

Jennifer Aniston

Julia Roberts

Karina Lombard

Julia Olegowna Wolkowa

Angelina Jolie

Lauren Graham

Teri Hatcher

Meg Ryan

Seems that - contrary to the men - there's no pattern here. I thought I liked femmes but as it turns out, not all of 'em are ;)
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