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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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"I am calm..."

We had class of Psychotherapy today – which, btw, isn’t really as exciting as it might sound: We don’t learn how to be a psychotherapist but it’s more about history, regulations, genral methods and the like. Anyway, today’s topic was relaxation techniques, the most known being Autogenic Training.

I always found this way of “therapy” a bit weird: It’s all about autosuggestion and being told (which kinda screws the whole idea of "auto") you are calm and your arms and legs get warm and heavy and so on. I think I even tried it as an adolescent just “for the heck of it” and just found it rather dumb.

So, following the eternal “learning by doing” we were told to try this method in class and the professor really used some backround music and went “Now, focus on your inner self, tell yourself that you are calm and relaxed, forget outside and stop thinking.”

And as little as I normally believe in stuff like that: It worked.

At one point I absolutely lost any memory of what was happening around me, I stopped listening to his soothing voice and I was completely absorbed in some sort of trance. The moment I “got back” was shortly after I actually fell asleep (because my head fell down which always happens when I fall asleep in class) – which was nicely commented by him “And if you fall asleep, that’s just okay because everything that happens here is okay.” ;)

Anway, I was really mesmerized. For several weeks I’ve been having problems to go to sleep – and even when I finally sleep, I’m haunted by troubling dreams and it’s slowly eating me up and results in me being moody and hyper-sensitive and overreacting.

It’s too bad that I don’t have enough time to take a course in AT this semester. But I’ll certainly remember it when there’s more free time. Because now I’m really fine and calm and relaxed :)

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of course it works!

oh, oh, sounds like a cool class.

And I'd say no wonder it works since you can actually program yourself (as in brain. remember? that tricky tool?) well you can actually program it and thus, your body. So far, I just program myself for TTOM. But...It's actually kinda cool. ;)

some call it meditation. others point to hypnosis technics. But the goal is usually to get you body relaxed enough and close to a very slow rythm (heck the sleeping part) to deconnect your spirit from your body and concentrate only on the first one.

Free your mind, in a way... Shield this comment if you think it might hurt the believes of your flist 'cause you're bordering on wiccan and shamanism here. ;)

Yeah, it goes in the same direction as meditation and hypnosis, although it's not exactly the same thing.

And, um, if someone on my flist is "hurt" by things written here, then I'm sorry but I don't force anybody to read it ;)
For once, the techniques you mentioned are scientifically proved methods for relaxation... whatever the "reason" behind it is, can't be said for sure anyway.
Furthermore I consider my flist open-minded enough to accept other people's beliefs and views of life, even if they don't share them :)

aww! I couldn've said it better myself! :)

I think I'm the one whos' gonna decorpse-orate (as in go off body) and try to tackle that headache. ;)

Actually, meditation and hypnosis, as it was pointed out to me by a meditation instructor, have opposite goals. They are similar in some ways, but hypnosis seeks to separate the mind from the body, giving you greater control over what you feel and helping you detach from certain things.

Meditation, OTOH, seeks to unify the mind and body more strongly, making you more centered and in touch.

It is interesting how the mind can influence things so much.

And, as I was telling someone just a couple of hours ago, psychotherapy works, by definition, on placebo effect.

Anyway, as you say, there's quite a lot about the mind that we don't understand. What we know is that, if you allow yourself to believe in it, this stuff really works.

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