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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Oh, fun...
... and something to do until my PC is done defragging *rolls eyes*

Snatched from cyad and laramoon
Rules: post a comment asking me to list 5 of my favorites *you choose* and I'll post the whole list in next entry.

Shoot... on my way home I thought of something I'd like to write an entry about. And I thought it was stupid to write about it because it was just a short incident and not really worth a single entry. And now I forgot.
Sounds like it was something reaaaaally important... ;)
So, I guess that falls into today's motto: "Ooooh, shiny..."

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1. favorite bandana (and can we have a pic?)

Either you can list your top five bandanas or continue with:

2. Fav' hot beverage?
3. Fav' place to hang out with friends?
4. Fav' halloween costume (if you were to wear one)?
5. fav' book, tv serie, movie or person quote?

6. Favourite parfum
7. Favourite desert
8. Favourite flower
9. Favourite shop
10. Favourite chocolate

(And hey, it's not as easy as it looks to come up with this *g*)

Sorry, missed it...

11) Favorite time of day
12) Favorite episode of L&C
13) Favorite female character from a movie
14) Favorite desktop wallpaper
15) Favorite thing to do on a weekend

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