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Not the dogs cause problems – their owners do…

I’m working at a scientific institute. We do research about everything concerning  evolution, not only the human one but also apes and dogs.

That and the fact that we’re very “americanized” might be the reason that our rather causal work attitude allows dogs to accompany their owners to work.

There has never been any serious incident but of course there are people who don’t like them and therefore the permission of dogs and the related rules become an issue almost once a year.

I have a dog myself and so I felt concerned when I heard people talking about co-workers complaining. I rarely bring Pablo to work for several reasons (the most obvious being that I don’t need to, the most important being that he gets angry pretty easily if you don’t know how to handle him), so I thought it might be a good idea to have a discussion between all dog owners to talk about things like appropriate punishment for breaking the on-leash rule, new rules and stuff.

But what I experienced was a bunch of self-pitying and arrogant people who complained about feeling disregarded:

Why should we clean the muddy paws of our dogs when mothers (who bring their babies for studies) are allowed to leave marks on the carpet with their buggies?

Why isn’t it okay to let me dog run around in the hallway and into other people’s offices as long as nobody gets seriously bitten?

Why do people get angry when they find hair of my dog in the main shower (we have a sauna and a gym) – they want my dog to be clean but I must not shower him?

These complains were mixed up with a vocabulary that made me blush all over. I wonder how many “f***ing a**holes” are actually working here.

Gee… if I usually brought my dog to work, I would now stop to do so – I absolutely don’t want to be associated with these people – they are the ones who made dog-haters become what they are.

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