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7.3 meme

1. Reply to this post and I will pick 3 of your icons and 7 of your interests.
2. Make a post (including the meme info and talk about the icons/interests I chose.

I know, I know, it took me ages to answer to cyad's questions...

Okay, this is probably the oddest of my interests. It’s a fancy word for “May December relationship”.
I think it’s a fascinating phenomenon from a psychologist’s point of view. You get to ask questions like what causes people’s interest in significantly younger/older partners.
Is it something that’s in everybody and there are just some people who act on it?
Has there gone something “wrong” in development?
Is there some personality dimension? Has it to do with mental age? Or with ideal beauty?
Is it long lasting or something that’ll eventually fade sometime?
So, yeah, weird interest, I know. And I blame Karin Kallmaker’s “Touchwood” for my fascination with it ;)

Heee! Glad that you asked :)
To quote Wikipedia: Anthropology (from Greek: ἄνθρωπος, anthropos, "human being"; and λόγος, logos, "speech" lit. to talk about human beings) is the study of humanity.
So, it deals to great extent with questions concerning humans and unifies topics based in the social and the natural sciences, such as genetics, primatology, evolution, psychology, linguistics, sociology and many more.
Although I believe in God, I don’t believe in creation, so I’m very interested in what made humans the way they are at the moment.
This video pretty much sums up what anthropology is all about ;)

Gender identity:
This has just recently become one of my interests, probably related to one of my job which deals with the question whether doing a gender-untypical job affects a person’s gender identity. Are, for example, men who work as nurses less masculine? Or maybe even more to “compensate” their force-fed feminine attributes? (And no, that’s not my opinion, that’s just what we wanna find out with our study)
In general I’m interested in what makes a person identify with a gender (most likely their own...).
Is it something innate? Has it to do with education?
To what extent does it affect your behavior? And to what extent is it affected by other people’s behavior towards you?

That’s probably not what it looks like. What I’m talking about here is what might also be called “pretend play”, so it’s again developmental psychology.
It deals with the question of when do children begin to understand that sometimes people do things that without actually trying to achieve something.
When are infants able to understand that in a game a pen can be used as a, say, toothbrush?
And how do they understand that? Do we need to give them explicit rules, is it sufficient for them to watch an adult doing so?
And when do they understand that, while in the game the pen is toothbrush, it’s still only a pen after all? (because, believe me, we had three-year-olds who wouldn’t let me write with a pen but stuck it into my mouth because “It’s a toothbrush!”)

Rascal Flatts:
Heee! My favourite music act :)
I completely blame the Folcs for this – because the first time I listened to “What hurts the most” was in a video (there are two by now, by Andie A. and MethroRhodes, I believe) for Lois & Clark.
Although I’ve never been much of a country fan, I love the Flatts, especially because of their lyrics. Somehow, there’s always a song that fits to my mood:
“It’s not just me”, “To make her love me” and “Better now” when I’m feeling heartachy.
“She goes all the way”, “Broken Road” and “Like I am” for the silent moments of being in love, “Feels like today”, “Love you out loud” and “Where you are” for the loud ones.
And also completely pointless ones like “Cool Thing”, "This everyday love" and “Fast Cars and Freedom” that just manage to get my in a good mood :)
If there’s any band I’d actually buy a CD of, it’s them :)

Social cognition:
Yes, another more or less fascinating psychological term. This is what basically describes the kind of research I wanna do for the rest of my life ;) Social cognition is about how people deal with the things happening in their social environment. How do they process gestures, language, behavior? How do people learn from and about others?
I got interested in this field of (developmental) psychology in my former job in which I joined the Social Cognition group. We did studies on how and when children learn how to understand pointing, how children from the age of 14 months on are selfless helpers in various social situations, what they know about commitment and normativity and such. All that compared to apes and dogs.
Very fascinating topic :D

World's Finest:

You want me to draw a diagram? ;)

Hehe, I use that userpic when I'm pretty happy - as you can imagine ;) I've forgotten where I found it but it pretty much sums up the giddy parts of me that show when I'm completely happy and satisfied. So, watch out for that icon - I'm in a good mood then :)

Okay, that's just a very random icon. I use it pretty often, mostly when I got not much to say to a certain topic besides "Just wanted to show that I read and that I think of you and that I sympathize". Which happens quite often ;) I just think it's a bit friendlier than my default icon.

Oooooh! *squeezes tiger kitten* I just love this icon. And I can't even say why. Just that it's the embodiment of my "other" nickname "papertiger"*. Which, btw, is my muse's name ;) Yes, that lazy bitch that I might have told you about, that combines all the good and bad things that I'm not - which is probably why me and her don't really get along that well ;)
*Yes, there is a longer story to how that nickname got coined. You'll get a rough idea what is meant here, though.

So, if anyone still wants to play, reply here.
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